Selwyn Consulting is your one stop service provider for all of you hardware and software needs


Have a look at some of the services we offer:
Hardware and software sales for Windows and Apple computers
Installing and setting up computer systems from scratch
Copying data from existing computer systems to new computer systems
Setting up of server computer for file sharing and emails in office/work environment

Installing and configuring of antivirus software
Removal of viruses,malware and spyware from computer systems
Fixing booting up errors and general faults on devices

Setting up of Fibre/ADSL
Configuring modems
Setting up wifi security and passwords

Setting up backup solutions for clients
Physical backup setups and cloud backups provided
Replacement of faulty hardware

Setting up of UPS devices on systems to protect against power outages and power spikes.
Creation and setting up of emails on workstations
Remote login sessions provided for quick support and fault finding
Maintenance service plans provided
VOIP telephone setup service provided